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  The logistics market is growing fast in Russia recently, due to the involvement of international and national retail chains. Desire to join the WTO has a positive effect on the development of transport services, and the quality and reliability of international transport and freight across Russia is becoming a major factor in choosing a shipping company.

 Transportation and logistics services of Expert Line company is not only a guarantee for your calmness while shipping, but also advantageous for business way to save time on solving transport and customs problems.

 Expert Line offers reliable and efficient solutions in the field of logistics and foreign trade.

Saving of time on paper work, simplicity and reliability of transportation routes and transparent control of transportations at each stage - the distinctive features of our company.

Experience in the market of logistics services and integrated approach to freight forwarding allows us to deliver any goods in a variety of ways, including "door to door", taking care of paperwork to declare at customs and transport coordination with government agencies.

Our partners are large transport companies and units that allows transportation at competitive prices and on time.

Our own warehouse allows minimize costs and optimize the value of transportation.

Transport services and freight with Expert Line mean:

  •  flexibility and efficiency of cooperation;
  •  saving time on solving problems of customs and transportation;
  •  reliable freight routes;
  •  guarantee security of goods;
  •  traffic control at each stage;
  •  delivery on time.